Re: Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga Look-up - Bnorem
Subject: Re: Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga Look-up
From: Bnorem
Date: December 23, 1999

Hi Charles,
I'm happy to see that you're not letting one Scrooge out of this nice bunch 
of people on the list stop you from continuing with the wonderful work you 
are doing. I know how time consuming it is to do look-ups, but even so, it is 
very rewarding when the info helps someone, and most people are very grateful 
for it. But it is like a slap in the face when even one person complains 
because they aren't directly benefiting. What ever happened to just being 
happy for someone else who has benefited? But we seem to have at least one 
chronic whiner on all of these lists, so try to forget that one, if you can, 
and keep on keeping on unless the list owner asks you to stop! You are doing 
a very generous and helpful thing and 99% of us do appreciate it very much.  

Now that I got that off my chest, how 'bout a look-up? :o)  I have my DAVIS 
line pretty well documented back to 1793 in Effingham Co., GA, where the 
wills of my 4th great grandfather & his wife were written on 30 May and  2 
June 1793, naming all their children. They were John & Elizabeth DAVIS, and 
John obviously died soon after he dictated his will to his eldest son, 
Joseph, because it wasn't signed and had to be proven in court. And Elizabeth 
mentions in her will of 2 June - 3 days later - the goods her late husband, 
John, had left her. As far as I can tell they moved to GA from SC in the 
1780s or a little before, because their son Walter, who was my 3rd GGF, was 
born in SC about 1774. There are so many John Davises listed in almost every 
SC county that it is impossible to separate them and find my John's parents. 
If you would be so kind, can you check the Wiregrass book and see if there is 
anything on a John moving into the Effingham or surrounding counties area 
sometime in the 1774 to 1793 time period and maybe says what SC area they 
came from? I've been on this brick wall for years and cannot seem to surmount 
it, so anything at all just may be the clue I'm looking for. I will be so 
grateful for your kindness, even if nothing turns up.  I know you will be 
busy with Christmas upon us, so take your time and enjoy the Holidays with 
your family.

Happy Holidays to everyone - even the Scrooge!

[email protected]

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