From: Don Pinson
Date: August 07, 2000


Born: ?

Died: April 4, 1900----West Carroll Parish, Louisiana

1900 Census was done 16th. June 1900. His wife Maggie Parker Hedrick Pinson was with their 3 children--E.C. b.1893 age 8: D.H. (Don Hedrick) b. 1895 age 5: G.A.(?middle initial) b.1897 age 2 (George) I am Don William Pinson , Grand son of Edgar Calhoun Pinson. And Maggie Parker Hedrick.

The above 1900 census showed all were born in Louisiana: Of course E.C. was missing from that census.

E.C and Maggie were married in West Carroll Parish April 27, 1892.

Also In the same 1900 Census Were: An; H.M. Pinson, b. April, 1854 & his Wife, Hattie b. March 1857 with their 7 children : Annie, Lewis, Bessie, Viola, Obey, Marie, & H.M. All born in South Carolina except for Marie age 7 & H.M. age 5. So it would seem that they came to Louisiana before 1892?

Also in the same census was a: Eugene Pinson b. Dec. 1883 in SC as were his probable parents, H.M. & Hattie ! ? Eugene was 16 yrs. old in 1900 and his occupation was Dry Goods Clerk. He was listed separately in census but if he was a son of H.M & Hattie he would fit in between Lewis b. Dec. 1892 & Bessie b. De. 1894.

Eugene Pinson was employed at E.C. Pinsons' Country store at the time of E.C.'s death and was hired by W.A Hedrick (he was County Clerk and the father of Maggie) to do the inventory of said store, In that document it revealed that Eugene's middle initial was "A" There is not yet proof that the 3 PINSON'S are related (H.M. was a farmer who had an account at E.C's store) but it would be to much of a coincidence to

assume otherwise! The inventory is 26 pages long and I have it. It does tell a story of interest!

So... This is my brick wall...I have searched all southern states, inc SC..NC.and have yet to find Old. "E.C." but I have had the help of many fine people in various groups...Pinson-L, David Earl Pinson...Gary Pinson , SCROOTS-l AND SO MANY MORE. Thanks to all. You have helped this old NEWBIE..!! 

Don Pinson

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