RE: PINSON, E.C. (Edgar Calhoun) - Judith G. Brabham
Subject: RE: PINSON, E.C. (Edgar Calhoun)
From: Judith G. Brabham
Date: May 01, 2000

Hello Don,

"Greenwood County Sketches" does not contain a separate family summary
on the PINSON family; the surname is mentioned only among marriages.
One entry that does link the PINSON and CALHOUN surnames is:  Thomas
Miller PINSON of Cross Hill married Lucia Gertrude CALHOUN [daughter of
Robert Childs CALHOUN (1847-1907)].  Three children: Miller Calhoun,
Thomas Manning and Ernest William PINSON.  (p. 178)

The book's other entries on PINSON are:

Joseph PINSON married Margaret Anderson AGNEW [daughter of Andrew AGNEW
(b. 1779)].  Five children [names not listed].  (p. 132)

James Lewis PINSON married Marie ANDERSON [daughter of Andrew ANDERSON
(1839-1923)].  Four children [names not listed].  (p. 140)

Ethel PINSON married James BAILEY [son of George Bowen Bailey
(1857-1925)].  (p. 147)

Arthur Tillman PINSON of Greenwood married Mary Royall PEAK [daughter of
Willie Perrin SULLIVAN (1863-1937) and James Wesley PEAK of Edgefield].
Two sons: William Samuel and Arthur Royall PINSON.  (p. 343)

John H. PINSON married Florentine Simons [daughter of Harriet S. LEWIS
and Enoch SIMMONS].  (p. 385)

Hope something here rings a bell, and good luck.

Judith in Brooklyn

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