Re: Pinckney RODGERS - Joyce McManus
Subject: Re: Pinckney RODGERS
From: Joyce McManus
Date: March 07, 2000

Took me a few minutes to verify  my thoughts  as to the name Pinckney!   My
g grandfather,  born in 1843, had a brother named Pinckney Cannon.  They
lived in Laurens Co.,  Waterloo Twnshp, near present day Ware Shoals.    I
have seen other Pinckneys and
feel that name came from the following statesman of Charleston, SC.   He
must have been very well thought of in SC.

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, statesman, born in Charleston, S. C., Feb. 25
1746 and died there  Aug. 16, 1825.  He was a member  of the Federal
Convention in 1787 that framed the Constituion of the U. S.   He was
appointed minister to France in 1796 by  President Washington, but France
refused to receive him since war threatened at that
time between the two countries.  He was the unsuccessful candidate of the
Federalist party for Vice President in 1800 and President in 1804 and 1808.

Someone with more knowledge than myself may be able to add to this.
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Subject: Re: Pinckney RODGERS

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> << Have located my elusive GGrandfather Pinckney Rodgers in the 1850
> index for Greenville County in the Fork Shoal Division. >>
> sorry I don't have the Rodgers information, but a question. I have noticed
> that in my DEMONIA/DEMONEY line there are many men named PINCKNEY. Since
> is not a common name to me I wondered if there was a link in the families
> if someone knew where the name came from? Any known meaning?
> Pam Carroll

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