Re: Re: Pinckney information - Patrice Hite
Subject: Re: Re: Pinckney information
From: Patrice Hite
Date: March 08, 2000

Dear MO,  There are LOTS of Pinckneys buried in the old graveyards of Charleston.

[email protected] wrote:

 I was searching the South Carolina Historical Society webpage, and found
> quite a bit of information about the original (to SC) Pinckney
> person--Thomas. It can be found under the "Frances Leigh Williams papers,
> 1966-1978".  I quote: "Papers consist of manuscripts of "A Founding Family:
> The Pinckneys of South Carolina" published 1978) as well as related research
> material ..." I think this may interest some of you with Pinckney connections.
> Happy to share,
> Maggee

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