Re: Pierre Robert again - Felicia K. Gourdin
Subject: Re: Pierre Robert again
From: Felicia K. Gourdin
Date: September 10, 1999

The address of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina:
138 Logan Street, Charleston, SC  29401
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Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 12:26 PM
Subject: Pierre Robert again

Hi all,
> Back on list with a couple of questions... Just found these references
>an ancestor & am wondering if anyone can shed any light?
> "1st Huguenot (later Anglican, now Episcopal) Church at St. James Parish,
>still standing in Charleston in 1946"--  Does this church still exist?
>anyone on the list live near it?
>"1686 immigrated to French Santee with Captain Philip Gendron" - does
> know what ship he might have arrived on or whether there is an existing
>passenger list for it?
>None of my Huguenot ancestors seem to have come on the 2 Huguenot ships of
>1700 although that must be close to the date they came here.  Any other
> (ship lists) anyone can suggest?
>Cyndi in Baltimore

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