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Subject: Piedmont Baptist Assn.
From: E.Y. Turner
Date: January 04, 2000

Do the minutes from Piedmont Baptist Assn. include Chester County, SC?
If so.........what years are included.

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Bonnie, any more what?
>I do have the complete minutes of the Piedmont Baptist Assn which lists 
>many names from SC, as I transcribed them from copies of the originals.
>Is that what you are talking about?
>Considering that my 4th grgranpa, Moses Westbury of Statesburg, High Hills 
>Santee, South Carolina was the mover and shaker on the Association, it 
>would be fair game to post the minutes.
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>Any more?
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 Theo. Weeks, representing Pigeon Creek Baptist Church in NE Fla, was
 Wayne Co, Georgia in 1827 at the PBA annual meeting.
 Here are the Minutes.

 Charles Westberry

 Minutes of the
 Thirteenth Anniversary of the
 Piedmont Baptist Association

 Convened at Spring Branch Church, Wayne County, Georgia
 on the 13th, 14th and 15th days of October 1827


 Art 1st  The introductory sermon was delivered by brother Moses
 from St. Matthews, 24th chapter and 14th verse.

 Art 2nd  After a short intermission the delegates assembled in the
 house and after prayer by brother Bates, received and read letters
 minuted their state.

 Art 3ed  Brother Westberry having resumed his place as clerk,
>proceeded to
 the election of moderator and brother Bates was elected.

 Art 4th  Called for correspondence but Lo!, there was none.  Brother
 Westberry rose and stated that through indisposition, he had been
>unable as
 a messenger to attend the Hepzibah Association.

 Art 5th  Agreed to continue correspondence with the Hepzibah and
 associations.  Therefore appointed the following brethren to write
>and bear
 letters.  Brother W. A. Knight to write to the Hepzibah, brother
 to bear the letter.  Brother M.S. Harris to write to the Ebenezer
 brother Morgan to bear the letter.

 Art 6th  Appointed a committee to arrange the order of preaching on
 Sabbath and they reported that brethren Westberry and Bates preach
>in the
 order of their names.

 Art 7th  Appointed brethren Westberry, Bates and Knight a committee
 arrangement for the present session.

 Art 8th  After prayer by brother Knight, adjourned to Monday morning

 Art 9th  The Sabbath was spent in the exercise of public devotion,
 brethren nominated  preached according to arrangement and we trust
 will resulted from the labors of the day.

 Art 10th  Monday morning, met according to adjournment, prayer by
 moderator then proceeded to business.

 Art 11th  The circular and corresponding letters called for, read

 Art 12th  Received and read a petition from seven Baptist Churches
 between the Alapaha and Flint Rivers, praying ministerial aid to
 them into an association, therefore appointed brethren Bates and
 to assist them.

 Art 13th  We think it proper here to announce the dissolution of
 constitution of the Cedar Creek and Little Sattilla churches.

 Art 14th  Took under consideration the situation of Sardis Church,
 County----Therefore appointed brethren J. Rodin, T. Prevatt, J. R.
 J. Johns, W. Dowling and Mo. Westberry a committee to visit said
>church and
 dissolve or build it up and report to the next Association.

 Art 15th  Took under consideration the Macedonia church and
 brethren W. A. Knight, J. Johns, E. Mathis, T. Prevatt and J. R.
>Prevatt a
 committee to visit said church and assist them.

 Art  16th  Received and read a petition from the Union church
>praying to be
 dismissed from this Association to join another, which was granted.

 Art 17th  Our next Association to convene at Wesley Creek Church,
 County, Georgia on Saturday before the second Sabbath in Oct 1828.

 Art 18th Appointed brother Moses Westberry to preach the next
 sermon and in case of failure, brother Isham Peacock.

 Art 19th  Appointed brother Moses Harris to write our next circular.

 Art 20th  Appointed two yearly meetings this year, the first at [NR]
 Friday before the first Sabbath in January next, the next at Salem
 Liberty County, on Friday before the [NR] Sabbath in March next,
>each to
 continue three days.

 Art 21st  Resolved that the last day of December next be observed as
>a day
 of fasting, humilitation and prayer that almighty God would be
>pleased to
 revive his work of grace among churches and that he would graciously
 pleased to send more laborers into his harvest.

 Art 22nd  Appointed the clerk to contract for the printing of these
 and distribute them among the churches.

 Art 23ed  Called on brother Smith for his reasons for not
>distributing the
 minutes of last year, who reports that there were a number of errors
 them by the printer, so much so that he would not receive them from

 Art 24th  Received contributitions for printing these minutes.

 Art 25th  Resolved that the clerk have ten dollars for his services.

 Art 26th  The moderator prayed and the Association adjourned to
 annual meeting in course.

 Fleming Bates, Moderator
 Moses Westberry, Clerk


 Spring Branch; William Hair and Moses S. Harris.
 Wesley Creek; James Crawford and Henry Howard.
 Pigeon Creek; J. R. Prevatt and T. Weeks. [Theopilious]
 Big Creek; J. Johns.
 Jones Creek; Moses Westberry and William Smith.
 Sarepta; William Dowling and Jacob Rhoden.
 Union; Fleming Bates and W. A. Knight.
 Kettle Creek; J. Roberts.
 Beards Creek; R. Brewer.
 Sarepta; J. Anderson.
 Salem; Isham Peacock.
 Macedonia; A. Miller.
 Fellowship; J. Mathews.

 ii. THEOPHILUS JR. WEEKS, b. October 21, 1760, Carteret County NC;
>d. July
 20, 1839, Alligator Settlement Columbia County, L; m. ANN OSTEEN,

 Rev War soldier discharged at White Plains NY Nov 10 , 1778 after
 participating in Brandywine. Monmounth ,and Germantown battles



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