Fwd: Pickens_Query - Anne R. Bruce
Subject: Fwd: Pickens_Query
From: Anne R. Bruce
Date: March 03, 1998

Seeking data on the family of JOSHUA COX who died ca. 1857, in Pickens
County  , leaving Estate Papers which named his widow as Nancy Cox.
Sons; Robert C? COX,  Z.B.COX,  G.F.COX,  Mirandy COX, and Edward COX.
Daughters; Jane COX NAVES, Eliza COX LODEN,  Manerva COX EDGE, and Rhoda
By the way, all his daughters signed their names in acknowleging their
distributive shares of their father's estate. One of the Estate Papers
says heirs in this state (Pickens Co., SC) are ZB COX, Edward COX, John
E. Loden and wife Eliza COX Loden.
Heirs out of state were widow, Nancy COX, John COX, ( he is missing from
the pages of distributive share ), Maranda COX (Mirandy), Gabriel COX,
Robert COX, George NAVES and wife, Jane COX; Littleton EDGE and his
wife, Manerva COX,  George GLORE and his wife, Rhoda COX GLORE.
Where was Joshua Cox from, and is there a listing for any of this family
in the cemetary records of Pickens?
Would like to hear from anyone who can add to this family. I have some
data re Mirandy Cox, who moved out of state to Cobb County, Georgia, but
none of the others.
Thank you,
Anne Rhea Bruce

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