Re: Phone SCAM warning - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Re: Phone SCAM warning
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: March 27, 1999

[email protected] wrote:
> .... Just received this and wanted to share with everyone ....

Chain Letters about "Phone SCAM Warning" are OFF TOPIC in this Forum.  

The Forum Policy includes the following statements.

SPAM and things like it.
Test messages, virus warnings, CHAIN LETTERS, profanity, insults, political
statements, commercial ads, personal messages, inappropriate announcements,
OFF-TOPIC messages, and other annoying messages may be grounds for expulsion
From this Forum without further notice. 

Don't quote excessively. Most email programs automatically quote the whole
message when you reply. In an archived Forum this is wasteful and can be
confusing. Quote the relevant portions only. Delete extraneous material. Excess
quoting is annoying.

The Forum is for sharing and discussion of South Carolina genealogy information,
study, and research. Historical information and other material helpful for
guiding or understanding research is acceptable. Other subjects and uses are
off-topic in this Forum.

The full policy can be found on the SCRoots web site.

Steve Coker
SCRoots Forum Manager

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