Re: Phillip's Legion Infantry of Georgia - Jenelle1wj
Subject: Re: Phillip's Legion Infantry of Georgia
From: Jenelle1wj
Date: May 07, 1999


My gggrandfather, John Christopher Hazlewood served in Phillip's Legion, 
Company D.  H. B.  McGregor sent a letter confirming this service, and a 
letter from Julius A. Peek is included in the pension application.  Peek 
states that Hazlewood was a private in this regiment and they were at 
different times in Drayton's, Cobb's, Wafford's and DuBose's Brigadoes, and 
in Jones', Kershaw's and McClan's Divisions in the army of Northern Virginia. 
 Peek also added that he (Peek) served as a lieutenant.
John C. Hazlewood served from the beginning of the war until it's end.  I 
have not researched the service of his brothers, but family tradition says 
that all (5 or 6) of his brothers served in the war too.
 Thank you for your hard work,
Jenelle Jarnagin

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