Phillip's Legion Infantry of Georgia - Jane Benson
Subject: Phillip's Legion Infantry of Georgia
From: Jane Benson
Date: May 07, 1999

I am also working on helping to complete  the records for the Phillip's
Legion Infantry Regiment from the state of Georgia.  If by some sheer
chance, you might have had an ancestor that was part of this regiment
during the Civil War,  could you please send me whatever you might know
about his military records?  This one regiment seemed to have been left out
in the cold regarding its history as far as historical records go and there
are several of us trying to work together to piece together the information
that can be found on the soldiers who served in this regiment so that those
who are descendents of these men can have better records of their family
during that time.
Many of these records begin with date of enlistment and then the compiled
military records state "no further report", so we are searching for any
clues we can find, including dates of death and where buried, etc etc.  
Anything you might come across on any of your mailing lists that pertains
to this regiment, please let me know.
Jane Ashley Benson

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