Philip Phillips, Marion Co., SC - Dianne Moore
Subject: Philip Phillips, Marion Co., SC
From: Dianne Moore
Date: March 15, 1998


I have been looking for a Philip/Phillip Phillips for ages.  And thought
I would finally get around to posting this to you all, hoping that
someone out there can help.

My Philip/Phillip Phillips had a daughter named Elizabeth, date of birth
about 1765, who married William Lewis who was born about 1760/1765 in
Bertie Co., NC. 

I have found Philip in Marion County, SC, records in 1801 when he made
suit for letters of administration of William Lewis, late of Little Pee
Dee.  He was also listed in a petition dated August 19, 1802, in
connection with the estate of William Lewis.  Then, in February 1809,
Sarah Lewis, a minor, daughter of William Lewis, late of Cypress Creek,
filed a petition asking that her guardian be changed from Philip
Phillips to Collins Woodberry.

But I cannot seem to get Philip out of Marion.  I have no idea who his
parents or ancestors could be...and have a terrible time doing this
research from so far away.  Is there anyone out there who could give me
any further information about this Philip Phillips mentioned in Marion
Co., SC?    

I would truly appreciate any assistance in finding children, wife,
parents, stories, or anything else that one would be willing to share
with me about Philip of Marion.  I would be happy to share the
information on William and Elizabeth Phillips Lewis that I have if
anyone would care for it.  

Any information would be appreciated...even if it only helps me
eliminate Phillips from my search.  And if I can be of any help to any
of ya'll in any way, please let me know.

Thank you for any aid that ya'll can give on this family.

Dianne Moore

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