Philip Lee, 1690 Will, Island of Nevis - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Philip Lee, 1690 Will, Island of Nevis
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 06, 1998

Will of Phillip Lee
Charleston Wills
Miscellaneous Records, etc.
Vol. 1694-1704
Pages 293-295



I Capt Phillip Lee of this Island of Nevis Planter being sick and weak of Body
but of Sound and perfect memory Praise be to almighty God for ye same Do make
and ordane my last will and Testamt in form and manner following hereby
revoking, Annuling and makeing void all former and other wills by me made and
first I give my soul to God that gave it and my Body to ye Earth from whence it
came decently to be interred hoping for a glorious resurrection thro ye alsoe
Meritts of our blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ and for what worldly Estate
it hath pleased God out of his Infinite Goodness to Bestow upon me my Just Debts
and funerall Expenses being first paid & Satisfied I Give & Bequeath as

IMPRS I Give unto John Euffam his Maintenance from my Estate as long he will
Reside thereon, withall Appointing my Executrs hereafter mentioned to Assist him
in ye Recovery of ffourty pounds Ster pr Annum wch Descends to him after ye
Death of his Grandmother

ITEM I Give unto Philip Paine his Maintenance of Meats, Drinks and Clothes from
my Plantation as long as he lives upon ye same

ITEM I Give & Bequeath unto these my God-Children, vizt one Child of John
Wignall, one of Joseph Hill, one of Leiut Roger Earl, and one of Mr. John Coker
five hundred pounds of sugar apiece,

ITEM I Give to my Godson Philip Wyatt, fifteen hundred Pounds of sugar to buy
him a Negro Boy,

ITEM I Confirm ye former Gift I Gave of ye Third of Eight Thousand pounds of
sugar towards ye yearly schooling of ye poor children of St John's Parish
withall willing that in Case there be not poor Children enough whose Schooleing
at ye Rate of four hundred pounds of sugar pr head will amount to ye sd sum then
that ye Residue thereof be laid out for ye Clothing and other necessaries for ye
sd poor children

ITEM I Give & Bequeath unto my loveing Sister Mary the wife of ye honorable Coll
John (Natheway or Hatheway ?) one hundred pounds Currt money to be at her own
Disposall which I will shall be paid out of ye money or Debt due to me from her
Husband & (wast ?) if there be so much and ye overplus of ye Debt paid (?) my
(presents or accounts?), But if there be not so much due to me from him, then
that shall be (wanting ?) to be (compleated ?) from my Estate 

ITEM I Give & Bequeath unto my well beloved wife Sarah Lee and her Heires or
Assignes four Negroes being ye Negro Woman Nell and her three Children (? ? ?)
wth ye (? ? ? thereunto ? ? ? ) do hereby Impower and give her free liberty to
dispose of (five or two ?) hundred Pounds (?) on ye Value thereof off my Estate
by will or otherwise to whom she thinks Convenient,

ITEM ye one halfe of ye residue of my Estae, Lands, Plantations, houses,
Negroes, Stock moneys, Rights, goods & Chattels both in this Island and
Elsewhere I give & Bequeath to my well Beloved wife Sarah Lee aforesd with ye
(?) of the (Profitts & Produce ?) thereof dureing her naturall life & after her
Decease unto my loveing Nephew Phillip Dewitt and his Heires or Assignes
forever, to whome also I Bequeath in like manner the other halfe of all my
Lands, Plantations, Stocks, Negroes, Money, Goods and Chattells here or
elsewhere that is to ye sd Philip Dewitt and his Heires or Assignes forever 

Lastly I hereby ordane, consitute and Appoint my sd Nephew Philip Dewitt whole &
sole Executr of this my last will IN WITNESS thereof I have hereunto sett my
hand & seal in Nevis this Tenth day of February in ye first year of ye reign of
their gracious Majestie's William & Mary King & Queen of England

 &c(?) (Annoq ?) Di 1689                       Philip Lee

Signed, Sealed & Delivered & Declared by Capt Philip Lee to be his last will and
Testamt in ye Presence of us, Jno (Netheway or Hathaway ?), Thomas Pargiter,
(Konener ?) Kyrtland, John Brown, Wm. Taylor.

(Vera Copia ?) pr (Jon?) (Elatson ?) 
                 D Secy



Before ye honerble ye (?) (Reverar ?) Coll John (Nethaway or Hathaway ?)
personally appeared ye (Konners ?) Kyrtland, John Brown & Ltt Thomas Pargiter
said Persons (?) all known and of good Creditt who made oath upon ye holy
Evangellists of God that they saw Capt Philip Lee Decd some time before his
death sign, seal and as his act & Deed Deliver & Declare the within Instrument
of Writeing to be his last will & Testamt and that he was at ye same time in
perfect Sence & Memory to ye best of ye Deponents Judgmts & Apprehensions and
further say Not Thomas Pargiter, John Browne, (Kononer ?) Kyrtland.

Sworn ye Day & Year
above sd before me
Jno Netheway                  Vera (Copia ?)
                              Jon? Elatson D Secry

To all to whome these Presents shall Come or the same shall be Heard or read
Edward Fox Esqr Lieut Genrll and Comander in Chief in and over his Majestie's
Leeward Caribee Islands in America Send Greetings KNOW YE that on the Date
hereof John (??argin) Junr Sworn Depty Secretry & notary and (Tabellion ?)
Publick of ye Island of Nevis a person of good Name and worthy of Creditt
personally Appeared before me and did Swear & Depose upon the holy Evangelists
of almighty God that ye forgoing will of Capt Philip Lee decd and ye Probat
thereof is a True and Exact Copy taken out of yr records of this Island IN
TESTIMONY thereof I ye sd Ltt Genrll have hereunto sett my hand and Caused my
Seal at Arms to be Affixed DATED in Nevis ye Eleaventh day of Novemr in the
Twelfth year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lord William ye third King of England
(&ct ?) Annog Domini 1700.

                              Edward ffoxe

The foregoing will Probat & Testimonial Recorded Janury ye 23d 1700

Transcribed by Steven James Coker from a copy.

General Notes: 

1. This was taken from an old copy of a typed copy.  The copy used has some
blurred and illegible portions.  A question mark inside parentheses indicates
the transcriber is not confident as to the correct reading or that the text was
not legible. 

2. For this presentation, little attempt has been made to layout the text
identical to that shown in the document.  In particular, words per line and line
breaks vary.  Some attempt has been made to reproduce capitalization and
punctuation as read.  However, this is not an exact and true reproduction.

3. Spelling is sic.  Due to the poor quality of some portions of the copy used
it is likely that some spellings are mistaken.  The following names, and
portions of names, shown in the document are spelled as shown in the copy used
with confidence.  Philip Lee, Philip Paine, Wignall, Roger Earl, John Coker,
Philip Wyatt, Mary, Phillip Dewitt, Sarah Lee, Thomas Pargiter, John Brown,
Edward Fox Esqr, Kyrtland.

4. It is left to the reader to verify the accuracy of this transcription prior
to use.

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