Re: Re: Pettypool - Lynn S Teague
Subject: Re: Re: Pettypool
From: Lynn S Teague
Date: July 31, 1998

Wade Hampton was a popular name regardless of relationship or lack
thereof. Because several generations of Wade Hamptons were prominent
military and political figures, South Carolina abounded in individuals
named for them.

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On Sat, 1 Aug 1998, Gaila & Jim Merrington wrote:

> Was Wade Hampton (your surname here) a popular name? Or would there be a
> family connection? Was Wade Hampton a common name for a child in the late
> 1820's - early 1830's? Or would there be a likely collateral connection to
> the original Wade Hampton?
>   In trying to determine the maiden name of an ancestor, her son born 1831
> is Wade Hampton Howard. Other sons are Richmond, Stancil and Tillman. These
> four names all sound like surnames to me.  I would appreciate any advise on
> this matter.
> Thank you,
> Gaila
> >W. H. POOL (Wade Hampton?) owned a steam powered grist mill in Greenville
> >County in 1889.

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