Re: Re: Pettypool - Gaila & Jim Merrington
Subject: Re: Re: Pettypool
From: Gaila & Jim Merrington
Date: July 31, 1998

Was Wade Hampton (your surname here) a popular name? Or would there be a
family connection? Was Wade Hampton a common name for a child in the late
1820's - early 1830's? Or would there be a likely collateral connection to
the original Wade Hampton?

  In trying to determine the maiden name of an ancestor, her son born 1831
is Wade Hampton Howard. Other sons are Richmond, Stancil and Tillman. These
four names all sound like surnames to me.  I would appreciate any advise on
this matter.
Thank you,

W. H. POOL (Wade Hampton?) owned a steam powered grist mill in Greenville
>County in 1889.

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