Re: Pettypool - Martin Roberts
Subject: Re: Pettypool
From: Martin Roberts
Date: July 31, 1998

Maureen, the Pettypool's are in Southside Virginia also. You might try that
list. I have some 18c Pettypool ancestors and I noticed that some
Pettypools moved south. One of my VA ancestors, Stephen Pettypool, changed
his name to P'Pool also.


At 10:07 PM 7/30/98 EDT, [email protected] wrote:
>I descend from the Pettypool, P'Pool, Poole family of Greenville, SC.
>My great-grandparents were Pettypool cousins. Wade Hampton Pool m. Elizabeth
>Benson Poole 8 Feb 1885, Greenville, SC.
>I found the following tucked inside my great-grandfather's Family Bible,
>published 1857.
>(This is printed on a small delecate ivory invitation. It is heavily embossed
>with delicate lacy borders and script type. )
>to the 
>The pleasure of your company 
>is respectfully solicited 
>at Chick's Springs, on Friday Evening , 
>the 17th inst., at 8 o'clock.
>J. T. HENERY, Proprietor
>The Following gentlemen will act as
>H.L. THRUSTON                A. McBEE
>A.D. HOKE                        C.T. HAMMOND
>A. ISAACS                       WM P. McBEE
>R.C. PULLIAM                   A.S. DUNCAN
>Chick's Springs, June 6, 1859
>I don't know who recieved invitation, or even if it was attended, but thought
>I'd share the information with the list. 
>I'm really not sure HOW the McBee family fits into this Hampton McVay P.Pool
>and Caroline Sabrina  ___? P.Pool's family, but the surnames of McBEE and
>WELLS appear in a couple of their children and a couple their grandchildren's
>middle names. Of course, it could also be just a friend's name, too.
>If anyone recognizes Hampton McVay P.Pool (1811- 1890) (son of Young P'Pool
>and Sally McVAY P'Pool)  m.  1835, or his wife Caroline Sabrina ?___
>(1815-1890) ---please let me know.
>regards, Maureen 
>[email protected]

Martin Roberts      [email protected]

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