Re: Pettypool - Jim Moore
Subject: Re: Pettypool
From: Jim Moore
Date: July 31, 1998

Gaila & Jim Merrington wrote:
> hello
> Was Wade Hampton (your surname here) a popular name? 

Yes; the Hamptons were a prominent family in the state, and Wade a famous general.

 Other sons are Richmond, Stancil and Tillman. These four names all sound like 
> surnames to me.  

I don't know so much about the Richmonds and Stancils, but "Pitchfork Ben" Tillman 
was a noted agrarian voice in SC.  He was a legislator, and prominent in the state, 
if not nationally.  Tillman Hall, the 1893-4 Adminstration Building on Clemson 
University, is named for him,as is the similiar building at Winthrop.


P.S. Now I think about it, lookup John Rigdon (DBA Your Genealogy Super Store) at:
he's got Richmonds in his personal "tree."

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