Petitions for Land from SC Council Journals - Neil & Ruth Jaeger
Subject: Petitions for Land from SC Council Journals
From: Neil & Ruth Jaeger
Date: January 31, 2001

	Can someone help me?
	In the book "Petitions for Land from the South Carolina Council Journals"
Vol. V: 1757-1765 by Brent H. Holcomb, on pg. 262, I understand Owen FINEY
is listed as purchasing land in 1765.  Two lines up was James FINLEY.  James
FINLEY also bought land in 1766, 1770, 1771 and 1772 (pg. 264).
	Where can I find out more about this?  Are there any records that would
give any more info on this that might be helpful to establish family
	My is Owen FINDLEY (1796-1870), b. SC, and I'm wondering
if the Owen FINEY above might possibly have been a FINDLEY/FINLEY, rather
than FINEY.  We have a brick wall in trying to establish the parentage of
Owen FINDLEY and his brothers Charles, Ed, Evan and Benjamin, so we're
grabbing any possible clue.
	Thanks for any suggestions.
Ruth Jaeger

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