Subject: PETIGRU, GIBERT, ALLSTON, Badwell Cemetary
From: URQ5
Date: April 21, 1998

Greetings from South Carolina ! After posting the epitaph of James Louis
PETIGRU, I decided to look around on my desk for other information about him.

James Louis PETIGRU was the son of William PETTIGREW & Louise Guy GIBERT (and
grandson of renown Huguenot minister, Jean Louis Gibert). The family homeplace
was called "Badwell" and was located in McCormick Co. "Badwell Cemetary" is
located nearby & contains the graves of Rev. Jean Louis GIBERT,his son, John
Joseph GIBERT, William & Louise PETIGRU, and Louise Gibert ALLSTON, dau. of SC
Gov. R. F. W. ALLSTON.

James Louis PETIGRU was educated at Willington Academy & finished first in his
class in 1809 at South Carolina College (now USC). He changed the spelling of
his name from PETTIGREW to PETIGRU. 

In 1816, he married Jane Amelia POSTELL. He practiced law in Charleston for
many years & served as SC Attorney General. He also served as the first
president of the SC Historical Society. The Petigru Law School at USC,
Columbia, SC is named for him. 

Happy hunting and good health to you.

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