PETIGRU for Swift8007 - Urq5
Subject: PETIGRU for Swift8007
From: Urq5
Date: July 14, 1998

Forgive my posting an individual message on the list but perhaps it will be of
interest to others. Swift8007, your mail is bouncing. 

The "tribute" that stuck in my mind was actually the epitaph on the tomb of
James Louis Petigru in St. Michael's churchyard, Charleston, SC which I have
quoted below.

Born at
Abbeville May 10th 1789
Died at Charleston March 9th 1863
Jurist.    Orator.    Statesman.    Patriot.
Future times will hardly know how great a life
This simple stone commemorates--
The tradition of his Eloquence, his
Wisdom and his Wit may fade:
But he lived for ends more durable than fame,
His eloquence was the protection of the poor and wronged;
His learning illuminated the principles of Law--
In the admiration of his Peers,
In the respect of his People,
In the affection of his Family,
His was the highest place;
The just meed
Of his kindness and forbearance
His dignity and simplicity
His brilliant genius and his unwearied industry
Unawed by Opinion,
Unseduced by Flattery,
Undismayed by Disaster,
He confronted Life with antique Courage 
And Death with Christian Hope. 

This is my all- time favorite epitaph. Hope you will find it interesting. Do
you have access to a SC library ?  I find one more article of interest but it
is rather long to type. I could just abstract the facts, but if this proves to
be your ancestor, you really should have the whole article. 

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