Re: Re: Personal Conversation ? - gs
Subject: Re: Re: Personal Conversation ?
From: gs
Date: April 04, 2000

Billie Jean, count me on your side.

Censors ruin lists, and wannabe censors causes flames.


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Subject: Re: Personal Conversation ?

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> << From: "Cynthia Forde" 
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>   Please limit personal conversation email off list. >>
> What you call personal conversation is information to most of us on
> I am in Arizona and subscribe to the eastern state lists to get
> such as this and if it were relocated to just one person , off list, the
> of us would be ignorant of this information available.  This is
> about a possible ancestor of mine as they stared in the colonies as the
> provances, counties and states evolved.  It would be dinigning many of us
> valueable resource information.
> Now if you want to flame me that is fine as I will just concider the
> I would like to hear what the list owner has to say on the recent subject
> matter and it relavance to genealogy as a whole.  Also its meaning to add
> our research of ancestors.
> I normally read and glean info, as much comes thru of interest and value.
> The life and times of our ancestors is valuable to us and to me sometimes
> these lists are the only place to get this.  I feel someone is trying to
> stiffle knowledge from this list.
> Billie Jean Reese in Arizona
> [email protected]

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