Re: Personal Conversation ? - Jumpinbeej
Subject: Re: Personal Conversation ?
From: Jumpinbeej
Date: April 04, 2000

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<< From: "Cynthia Forde" 
 To: [email protected]

  Please limit personal conversation email off list. >>

What you call personal conversation is information to most of us on genealogy.
I am in Arizona and subscribe to the eastern state lists to get information 
such as this and if it were relocated to just one person , off list, the rest 
of us would be ignorant of this information available.  This is information 
about a possible ancestor of mine as they stared in the colonies as the 
provances, counties and states evolved.  It would be dinigning many of us 
valueable resource information.
Now if you want to flame me that is fine as I will just concider the source.  
I would like to hear what the list owner has to say on the recent subject 
matter and it relavance to genealogy as a whole.  Also its meaning to add to 
our research of ancestors.
I normally read and glean info, as much comes thru of interest and value.  
The life and times of our ancestors is valuable to us and to me sometimes 
these lists are the only place to get this.  I feel someone is trying to 
stiffle knowledge from this list.

Billie Jean Reese in Arizona
[email protected]

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