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Date: April 18, 1999

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<< I have decided to try PERRY as a path considering it as possibly a family 
 I have no earlier info than this. >>

     Try the Jasper County census records for PERRY. This was a very 
prominent family in Jasper County. Some may still be living there. The 
historic and beaautiful Perry home is now Saul's Funeral Home. Martin Saul's 
family has been in the funeral business for three generations and may also be 
able to give you some information on PERRY. I'm sure they were responsible 
for the last 100 or so years of burials. The telephone number in the (old) 
Ridgeland phone book that I have is (843) 726-5535.
     If you have anything on SHERWOOD, please write back. I have not 
researched my grandmother's family yet. I know her mother was a SHERWOOD and 
I think she was from south Georgia or the Lowcountry of  South Carolina. 
There is one SHERWOOD buried at Zahler's Cemetery in Yemassee, SC. This is a 
family cemetery. I have thoroughly researched my grandfather's family and 
know much about DAVIS. You can see my Jasper County connections at my home 
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Patricia Davis Runey
Charleston, SC (originally Grahamville, near Ridgeland, Jasper Co., SC)

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