Pension records found - Ramona McManus
Subject: Pension records found
From: Ramona McManus
Date: June 25, 1999

I received this on another list and thought someone might be able to use the 

: Pension records found
> > Pension records found
> > The following was printed in Lucas Co., IA July 1999 newsletter.
> >  > Over a hundred boxes of pension records that date back to the
> > "Revolutionary
> > War, War of 1812 and the Seminole War" were recently found at the
> > National Archives. None of these have ever been indexed or microfilmed.
> > They are arranged by account number and are being published in American
> > Genealogy Magazine by Datatrace System, PO Box 1587, Stephenville, Texas
> > 
> > Some 10 million duplicate of 20th century military records thought to
> > have been destroyed in the 1973 fire have been found by the Veterans
> > Administration. If you have been told the records you need were burned
> > in that fire, you may want to write again to: National Personnel
> > Records, GSA 9700 Page Blvd. St. Louis, MO
> >

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