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Subject: Re: Pennington
From: joyemac
Date: August 23, 1999

       Sallie is normally the nick name for Sarah.  I was discussing "Molly" with
someone just yesterday.  Polly is for Mary, Peggy is for Margaret, Fannie is for
Frances, maybe Molly is for Martha??.  To me, Fannie is the only one that makes any sense.  My g-grandmother's name was Laura
according to the 1860 census.
Her death certificate shows Lura, so somewhere down the road the 'a'  for La-a-ah was dropped and she got  "Lou-ra" instead. {;~)
       Newberry Co., SC has some Penningtons.  One Pennington lady married a
Cannon (one of my surnames).  I have it in my files somewhere.  Will get back as to the given name.
Joye      (Support Rootsweb! We need them!)  Greenwood & Other SC Counties!    McManus, Horn, Harling, Hasting, Stroud, Polattie, Cannon, Gray,
Mote, Woodall, Ferguson, Lister, Moore, Barton, Barrett, Easley, Gowan, Grogan ancestry.

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Subject: Re: Pennington

Hello fellow butters of heads against brickwalls,

Does anyone know if the nickname "MOLLY" could be attributed to the given
name of Sarah? I just saw a post by "[email protected]" referring to a Molly
PENNINGTON.  And, since I am looking for a Sarah PENNINGTON who could have been born anywhere between VA and SC, Sarah PENNINGTON
would have been born about 1778-1780 probably in NC or SC.

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