Re: Pendre SC > GA; Teasley ? > GA; Martin ? >GA - Jeanette Martin
Subject: Re: Pendre SC > GA; Teasley ? > GA; Martin ? >GA
From: Jeanette Martin
Date: May 22, 1998

Jeanette Martin wrote:
> Well, my Cyber Friends,
>         I'm searching for PENDRE, TEASLEY and MARTIN familes of mine.
>         On the 1870 CHEROKEE CO. GA Census JAMES E. PENDRE was born ca 1823 in
> SC, wife MATILDA A. TEASLEY was born ca 1822 GA.  They  lived with their
> children:
>         Eleanor S. born ca 1852 GA
>         Sarah M. born ca 1855 GA
>         Cynthia C. born ca 1856 GA
>         Coryan S. born ca 1860 GA
> Also one whom I think is another daughter: Marthra (?) I. MARTIN born ca
> 1850 GA and her children JAMES I. born ca 1867/8 GA and John H.D. born
> ca 1868/9.  He husband wasn't on the census, but she wasn't listed "w".
> Catharine, the mother of JAMES E. PENDRE born ca 1790 SC lived there as
> did Matilda's parents: THOMAS TEASLEY born ca 1793 GA and ELIZABETH __?
> born ca 1791 GA.
> This makes THREE different MARTIN lines I'm trying to trace.
> Have also been trying to find a copy of "TEASLEY FAMILIES OF COLONIA
> AMERICA by Kyle D. Williams, but my letter to his last known address
> came back today (great disappointment).
> If there's anyone out there in Genealogy Land who can possibly help me
> in anyway I will be forever thankful, and your names will go down in the
> history of my family as long as there's a written history!
> Jeanette J. Martin in the deep piney woods of Telfair Co.Ga
>  paved roads haven't reach us yet, but hope springs eternal!

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