Re: Pendleton District - Janice Gunnin
Subject: Re: Pendleton District
From: Janice Gunnin
Date: May 22, 1998

Checked out Pence on Pendleton files.  Did not find Aabraham or John but this is
what I found:  (very interesting)

Benton Pence married Susan Burgess b. 5-1860 d. ca. 1930 her parents are:
            John Demarcus Burgess D.M. b. 12-12-1820 Pumpkintown, Pickens Co. SC

            d. 10-16-1911 Ellijay, Gilmer Co. GA married Rachel Mahilda Clark
            b. 12-3-1831 GA d. 8-4-1893 Ellijay, Gilmer Co. GA

Cal Pence married Hester Burgess abt 1878 she is the daughter of William A.
Burgess who is the son of Dr. Burgess.  So brother and sister married, probably
Pence brothers, but there was nothing else on Pence.  Who be happy to look
anything else up.

Jim Cunningham wrote:

 Many thanks to Janice Gunnin and Leigh Smith for informative replies. I have
> been incredulous through all  this as am sure my g.g.g. grandfather Abraham
> Pence and his family came from the Pendleton District, but have had nothing
> to tie him to Pendleton except indications on census records. It is also
> possible that a John Pence would have been my g.g.g.g. grandfather and also
> have lived in the Pendleton. Please guide my trembling hands on this
> keyboard in order my search be furthered. Thank you. James R. Cunningham
> [email protected]

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