Pending E-Mail - Bill Caddell
Subject: Pending E-Mail
From: Bill Caddell
Date: April 03, 1998

Hello List Members,

Please excuse this message to the list.  However, due to pending
difficulty, I am going to have to unsubscribe from the list temporarily
while changing internet provider.  I currently have several e-mails
pending from friends on the list as well as due from me.

I was notified yesterday that since I was using more than 200 hours a
month ( approx. 6.6 hours a day) on the internet that my provider,
HyperNet Communications Inc. Of Cleburne, Texas, was going to disconnect
my service unless I keep my usage below their recently imposed (March 3,
1998) use limit or pay nearly $100 a month for the service. I had
subscribed to their service on Jan 5, 1998 for their normal rate of
about $20 a month and paid a year in advance to get a discount. They
have chosen not to honor my subscription and disconnect my service on
Apr 5, 1998.

As soon as I secure a new internet provider, I will resubscribe.  In the
interim, I have subscribed to HotMail (a free se-mail service) and can
be reached at "[email protected]".

I thank you for your indulgence,

Bill Caddell
currently "[email protected]"

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