Re: Re: PENDARVIS - J Jilote
Subject: Re: Re: PENDARVIS
From: J Jilote
Date: October 22, 1998

Hi Jean!

Hope I added on correctly!

Descendants of N.. Pendarvis

1  N.. Pendarvis
.. +Matilda Harrison b: 1865; d. 1909-10

2  Daniel Pendarvis b. 1884
2  Lillie Pendarvis b. 1886
... +Clifton Shokes
. 3  Claude de Saussure Shokes b. 1921
. 3  Leroy Shokes
. 3  Julia "Julie" Shokes
. 3  Owens Shokes
. 3  Edna Ray Shokes
2  George Pendarvis b. 1890
2  James Pendarvis b. 1892
2  Joseph Pendarvis  b. 1894

...Matilda Harrison Pendarvis
   + John Henry Shokes; m. bet. 1894-1900 in Charleston, SC
. 2  Henry Christian Shokes b. 1805

Note: Lillie's step-father was a Shokes, and she married a
cousin of his.

I could list sources of info if you like. Some of this is
From word of mouth.

I also have a scanned pic of Matilda Harrison Pendarvis
Shokes and John Henry Shokes. I would gladly send if you
care to see them.


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