Re: Pence circa 1760-1770 - WendyMayfield
Subject: Re: Pence circa 1760-1770
From: WendyMayfield
Date: June 30, 1999


	I had just wondered if you knew the answer to the following question.  I
thought that Revill wrote the book 1000 South Carolina Immigrants.  I have
checked at my local library here in Germany, and they do not have the book
availiable to ILL.  However if I am requesting the wrong book, I can try
again.  If so is the following courtesy of the Cunninghams correct? 
Looking for hard copies of Joseph & Catherine MOORE from Belfast Co. Antrim

Hugs Wendy

> From: Steven J. Coker 
> > > 
> > "South Carolina Immigrants, 1760-1770," compilers/editors: Jack
Moreland and
> > Mary Bondurant Warren; publ in Danielsville, GA, 1988.
> > 
> > "A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South
> > Caroloina, 1763-1773" compiler/editor, Janie Revill, first publ in
> > SC, 1939; reprint Baltimore, 1981....[snipped]...

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