Pence circa 1760-1770 - James and Lea Cunningham
Subject: Pence circa 1760-1770
From: James and Lea Cunningham
Date: June 28, 1999

Dear People:

My Pence forbears did not come through Ellis Island. Am still searching for
First Pence in America for my line. Probably came through Charleston to
eventually settle in the Pendleton District. Abraham Pence, Sr., b.c.
1770-1775, was second generation (in America); Abraham D. Pence, b,c, 1803,
was third generation (in America). If more details are required, will be
happy to send.

Does anyone know where the following references may be accessed for (1) Look
Up and Photocopy, (2) for purchase, (3) for interlibrary loan?

"South Carolina Immigrants, 1760-1770," compilers/editors: Jack Moreland and
Mary Bondurant Warren; publ in Danielsville, GA, 1988.

"A Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South
Caroloina, 1763-1773" compiler/editor, Janie Revill, first publ in Columbia
SC, 1939; reprint Baltimore, 1981.

Does anyone know if Charleston newspapers of the years 1750-1770 may be
accessed in microfische?

We certainly shall appreciate any assistance given.

Best wishes,

James R. Cunningham [email protected]

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