Re: Pelion Cemeteries - Alicia Busby
Subject: Re: Pelion Cemeteries
From: Alicia Busby
Date: May 26, 1998

 Hi! Thanks for the information. I think that this is the right church, the
name sounds familiar. I was wondering if you might know the names of  John
and Lillie's parents?  According to family stories, he was the first to spell
his name Busby. John and Lillie had another cousin named Andrew Busbee. Do you
have any information on this?
Bill & Dottie Slocomb wrote:

 Alicia Busby wrote:
> >
> > I've got two of my ancestors, John and Lilly Busby (orig. Busbee) that
> > were supposed to be buried in a Baptist Cemetery in Pelion. Lilly died
> > in the early 1950s. Does anyone know what the name of the cemetery is or
> > have any information on the cemetery. (Any information on John and Lilly
> > themselves would be greatly appreciated as well.)
> >
> >                                         Thanks!
> >                                         Alicia
> >
> Alicia,
> I believe the name of the cemetery you are looking for is,
> Florence Baptist Church, Pelion, S. C.  It was founded in 1860 and is
> located at Windy Wood Rd at Florence Ch Rd. 6 mi SW of Edmund in
> Lexington County.  The information is from Lexington Area Cemeteries
> Volume 3, pg. 75. It lists them as follows:
>         John Thomas Busby       08 Jun 1882     08 JUN 1943
>         Lillie Busby            09 DEC 1891     05 APR 1960
> dottie
> [email protected]

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