Peeples and Mills' Atlas - Wolfbaby78
Subject: Peeples and Mills' Atlas
From: Wolfbaby78
Date: August 08, 1998

Hi again.

I just received my Mills' Atlas of South Carolina.  It is wonderful, covering
29 areas during the 1820-1825.

Only have looked over it a short time, and the name,  Peeble Store jumped off
the page in Fairfield County.  Someone on this list was asking about the
surname Peebles.    If you wish to know,  they had a store in Fairfield County
during the 1820's.

Not all surnames are on the Mills' Atlas,  as you can guess, every Mill is
listed and there were many during that time.  Creeks, rivers, ferrys, mills
etc are listed and some of the surnames. 


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