Peeler Family book (old) - Michael Crocker
Subject: Peeler Family book (old)
From: Michael Crocker
Date: April 05, 1998

FWIW, from newspaper clipping circa 1982 (date & title unknown):
Dear Maverick: A committee is in the process of revising and updating "The
Peeler Family," published in 1935 by Mr. John W. Peeler. We would appreciate
having all families who have connections to the Peelers to send in a
complete history of their families (both ancestors and descendants) by April
1, 1982, so this information can be included in the book.  For more details
or information, contact Miss Carrie Davis, Rt. 6, Box 430, Gaffney, S.C.
29340, phone 803 [now 864] - 489-5441.         -- C.D.

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