Pee DEE Settlers - Jan Bohler
Subject: Pee DEE Settlers
From: Jan Bohler
Date: January 22, 2000

I have a Miles / Myles JORDAN m Mahala BLUE / ?  in the late 1790's or
early 1800's and it is said that they came to Columbia County, GA from
the Pee Dee River Area. He was evidently in the was if 1812 and died
about 1815 or 1818. His daughter Mahala was in Columbia Co. GA at this
time and was later given a land grant (1821) in Monroe Co., GA  as the
orphan of Miles Jordan.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
The information on Mahala Blue is family lore, so I am looking for
proof. In case it helps, Mahala's (orphan of Miles) children were named
Mary Francis, John W., and Amanda, evidently she had married a cousin or
not married at all because these children were all named Jordan. She
gift deeded the property in Monroe co,GA to her 3 children 8 May 1838
and then married Hensley Landers on 10 May 1838. She had 3 daughters by
him, Mary, and I can't find the names of the other 2 at this time.
Hensley died between 1850 and 1860 and Mahala died after 1880.
Jan          [email protected]

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