Re: Pee Dee River tribes & an explanation - James A. Miller, Jr.
Subject: Re: Pee Dee River tribes & an explanation
From: James A. Miller, Jr.
Date: April 19, 2000

Very Good Suggestion. Also the University Library should have good history
books by Adolph (Dial?), et al.  I found about twenty great Lumbee websites
and e-mailed them to the lady interested in the Lumbee; with Oxendine,
Lowery, Hornbuckle etc., her family is chock full of Lumbee names.  In
Charlotte, N.C., we have a large Lumbee community, I no not why. I have no
Lumbee blood but I do have East of the Missisippi River, Kaskaskia
Illinweck, my Indian name being Ne-p8-pa-t8-8a, in English "Walkslowly",
meaning turtle after an event in my life. My ancestress was
Ayw-wee-pah-kee-noo-kah, or Mme.  Catherine E8ipakin8ca Colon who died old
up-river Mobile, Ala.  Jim, Charlotte, N.C.
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Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 6:56 PM
Subject: Re: Pee Dee River tribes & an explanation

 Jim, for information about the Lumbee Indians, I would suggest that you
> contact the history department of Pembroke State University in Pembroke,
> The locals pronounce it "Pembrook".  Pembroke is located near Lumberton,
> Robeson County, and has many Lumbee living there and nearby.
>  At the Charleston County Library, I have seen books relating to the
>  I have also seen books at major bookstores such as Barnes and Noble.
> Hope this helps in some small way.

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