Re: Pee Dee River tribes & an explanation - James A. Miller, Jr.
Subject: Re: Pee Dee River tribes & an explanation
From: James A. Miller, Jr.
Date: April 17, 2000

Does anyone know of a documented 1600/1700s South Carolina low country use,
by Native Americans, of the term "Cassique" (any spelling), more-or-less
meaning "Chief", "leader", "village elder", or such like?  Jim, Charlotte,
N.C. I have seen documentation of the use of "cassique" for Native American
chiefs by Euro-Americans; my question is did the Indians themselves use the
term?  If not, then why did Anglo-Americans start useing it?
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From: "James Bumgardner" 
Sent: Monday, April 17, 2000 10:44 AM
Subject: Pee Dee River tribes & an explanation

 In the time period I need (middle 1700's) NC and SC were not clearly
defined with state boundaries. The tribes were also moving.
> I need to learn of tribes along the Pee Dee river to find Mahala Blue. I
know Blue was among the earliest used surnames in the Lumbee community and
that Mahala was commonly used.
> How do I find information on other tribes of the Pee Dee River area during
the 1700's? Or more about the Lumbee community? Many of the sites I tried to
access on the Lumbee Indians are not found.
> I do online research & interlibrary book loans.
> Thank you.
> Sandra
> (Maybe some have trouble using  their complete names because of negative
experiences with e-mails from other list holders. I unsubscribed from one
list because I did not want my daughters reading the hateful comments on our
family message board.
> I wrote about : (1) Don't trust other people's research without verifying.
(2) Don't change my relatives' religion after their death.
> All of this I had been found in online research. Don't bother to send hate
mail. I'll forward back to the list. I am only trying to help.)

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