Re: Pee Dee River area - Jan Bohler
Subject: Re: Pee Dee River area
From: Jan Bohler
Date: April 12, 2000

Sorry, I was in to big of a hurry and forgot to look at the reply address.

Jan Bohler wrote:

 Yes, I am!!!!LOL!!!
> Jimmy had to go back to the doctor today. The doctor said that the fever is back in his leg and that is why he is having so much pain. The doctor has
> got to send an update of his condition to the Social Security Disability judge and then he will make his decision. The doctor said that he does not
> have any idea of any kind of work that Jimmy could do if they turn him down. Please keep him in your prayers that the fever will go away and that the
> judge will decide to give him SSD.  I had over 4000 messages when I got back home Sunday.  I have got it under 3600 and am trying to keep up with the
> new ones plus get to the others.  I rolled 500 tubes today and if I can get 500 more done I can mail this order off tomorrow. My fingers a really
> sore.
> Well, I have got to run for now. Trying to find out about a reenactor that we know that was in a wreck Sunday. Haven't heard anything except that they
> had to cut her out of the Nisson truck that she was in.
> Jan
> James Bumgardner wrote:
> > Miles Jordan served in NC stateline army 1781-1785. He would marry Mahala Blue of the Pee Dee River area of SC. They moved to GA. Miles died 1815.
> > Is anyone else researching this couple?
> > Thank you.
> > Sandra

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