Pearson/Patrick - Joanne Harley
Subject: Pearson/Patrick
From: Joanne Harley
Date: May 22, 2000

I am new to this list.  I have been doing genealogy for about twenty years,
but not continuously.  I am researching several names, but will start by
asking about the PEARSON  and PATRICK family lines.  Most of my family is
From the Marlboro Co., SC area, but the members have scattered all over.
Some of my other lines are:  Bundy, Donaldson, Hubbard, and Haskew.

My PATRICK family was in Chesterfield at one time and I would appreciate
hearing from anyone with access to any records from the period of the early
eighteen hundreds.  Yes, I know it was a burned county.

I have information on the Bright, Thomas, and Pledger lines as well as other
info. on several lines in Marlboro Co.

I am also doing genealogy on several Barnwell Co. families.

Joanne H.
[email protected]

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