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PEACOCK, ROBERT (p. 223): (1st) His second marriage occurred Sept. 13, 
1833, and America, the second wife, wus born in North Carolina, August 13, 
1814, and died in Brooks County, Sept. 8, 1883. (2nd) Mr. Peacock was one 
of the first Justices of the Inferior Court of Macon County upon its 
creation, and served 1838-1841. (3rd) He first located in Twiggs County 
when he moved to Georgia, then settled in the southwest corner of Houston 
County and was cut out of it into Macon County in 1838. (4th) He was 
appointed a Trustee of the Flint River Academy in Macon County in 1838 by 
legislative resolution. (5th) His son, Jasper, married twice, and had 
several children.

PEACOCK, ROBERT (p 223): His son, Benjamin, married three times. His third 
wife was Elenor Price. He seems to have been variously called "Benjamin" 
and Benajah".

PEACOCK, ROBERT (p.223): His obituary in "The Southern Recorder" of 
Milledgeville, issue of Dec. 31, 1861, shows that he died Dec. 9, 1861, and 
was a native of Wayne County, N. C. It is further stated that he moved in 
his youth to Twiggs County, Ga., thence to Houston County, and that about 
1845 he moved to Lowndes now Brooks County; and that for his last 
thirtyfive years he had been "an upright member" of the Methodist Church.

PEACOCK, ROBERT. (p. 223): (1) His grandparents were John Peacock, 
1716-1781, and wife Patience Raiford of North Carolina. (2) His son, Howell 
Peacock, married Mary Mitchell, Jan. 25, 1844, in Thomas County; she was a 
daughter of Thos. G. Mitchell, Jr. (3) The son, Jasper Peacock, married 
Catherine Neely. (4) The third wife of the son, Benajah, was Eleanor 
Thompson. (5) Robert Peacock, the subject, was a resident tax-payer in 
Twiggs County in 1818, as shown by the Twiggs tax-digest for that year.

PEACOCK, ISHAM (p. 207): (1) He was a member of Beard's Creek Church in 
Tattnall County and was dismissed by letter after 1811; was received back 
by letter from Salem Church, Sept. 19, 1830; was again dismissed by letter 
in March, 1835, at which time he -resigned pastorate of Beard's Creek 
preparatory to moving to Ware County. (2) He was a resident of Bulloch 
County when he registered for the 1807 land lottery in which he drew land. 
(3) Mrs. Eula Virleen Strickland of Nahunta was the first descendant of 
Isham S. Peacock to become a member of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution on the record of Isham Peacock's service in the Revolutionary 
War. She is a member of the new Mineral Springs Chapter at Nahunta, and was 
admitted April 13, 1974; National Number 585899.

PEACOCK, ISHAM S. - VOL.VI: Keziah, the wife of the subject, was a daughter 
of Littleberry Walker, Jr., and not of Isham Walker. The daughter, Mary (or 
Mary Martha), married James Robert Tuten instead of James R. Johns; both 
are buried in Rehobeth Cemetery in Pierce County. There was no child named 
Elijah; that name was erroneously read in the 1860 Census of Pierce County 
as Elijah, whereas, it was actually Eliza. She married Calvin L. Cason, son 
of Hillery W. Cason (Vol.Vl). Eliza and her husband are also buried in 
Rehobeth Cemetery. There was no daughter named Elizabeth. The eldest child 
was Argent who married John B. Tuten as stated. The 1850 Census of Ware 
County and the 1860 Census of Pierce County, or the will of Isham S. 
Peacock, does not name a daughter, Elizabeth. The son-in-law, James R. 
Tuten, was the executor of the will of Isham S. Peacock.

PEACOCK, ISHAM - VOL. VI: His son, John, did not many Unity Pearce. She was 
the wife of John Peacock (1766-1848) of Washington Co., Ga. The son, John, 
(ca 1785 - ca 1835) m. Elizabeth, maiden name unknown.

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