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Isham S. Peacock was born in Tattnall County, April 22, 1816, a son of John 
Peacock and grandson of Rev. Isham Peacock, R.S. He came with his parents 
to Ware (now Pierce) County when he was about ten years old, and grew up 
and married there. He was married in 1838 to Keziah Walker, born in Wayne 
(now Brantley) County, Feb. 16, 1822, daughter of Isham Walker, (son of 
Littleberry Vol.V). They had twelve children, viz:

1 . Elizabeth	b. 1839, m. Richard Walker (cousin).
2. Argent	b. 1842, m. John B. Tuten.
3. Mary	b. 1846, m. James R. Johns.
4. James R.	b. 1847, m. Amanda Smith, dau. of Matthew.
5. John	b. 1849, m. Mary Peoples, dau. of Josiah.
6. Elijah	b. 1851, prob. died single.
7. Isham S. Jr.	b. 1853, m. Martha Peeples, dau. of Josiah.
8. William H.	b. 1855, m. Rachel James, dau. of Ransom.
9. Sarah Ann	b. 1857, m. Robert Herrin, son of James.
10. Lemanda	b. 1860, m. James Hogarth.
11. Vicy	b. 1861, m. Ben F. Guest, Nov. 1, 1876.
12. Lewis	b. 1863, m. Ella Summerall, dau. of William.

Isham S. Peacock served in the Indian War in this section, as 4th Sergeant 
in Capt. David J. Miller's company of Ware County militia, June 9th to Aug. 
19, 1838. He also served four months as a private in Capt. James A. Sweat's 
company of Ware County militia, Aug. 31st to Dec. 31st, 1838. He lived in 
the portion of Ware County made into Pierce County in December, 1858, and 
in the second election for county officers of Pierce was elected Sheriff, 
serving 1859 and 1860. He died at his home in Pierce County May 15, 1865. 
His widow died Dec. 10, 1899. They were buried in the cemetery at Rehobeth 
Baptist Church, Pierce County.


Dr. Howell Peacock of Okapilco, Thomas (now Brooks) County, was born in 
1818, in Twiggs County, a son of Robert Peacock (Vol.1). He came with his 
parents when they moved to Lowndes County in the 1840's, and soon 
afterwards, on January 25, 1844 in Thomas County, he married Mary Raines 
Mitchell, born April 1, 1824, daughter of Hon. Thomas Goodwin Mitchell, 
Jr., and granddaughter of Thomas Mitchell (RS) (Vol.1). They had four 

1. Wealthy E.	b. 1846, m. John W. Dukes.
2. Dudley Absalom 	b. 1848, m. Mary Williams.
3. Charlotte R.	b. 1852, m. W. Ambrose Reddick, 11/22/1868.
4. Howell E.	b. 1855, m. Isaac T. Marchant, 3/5/1871.

Dr. Peacock was a graduate of Charleston Medical College, and practiced his 
profession at Okapilco, in present Brooks County, until his death in 1856. 
He served as Justice of the Peace in the 790 Militia District of Lowndes 
County, 18451849. The 1850 census shows him living in that county in the 
Grooversville District (now in Brooks County). His widow became the second 
wife of Elijah Wade (Vol.V), and had further issue.

PEACOCK, JOHN	ca 1785-ca 1839 	WARE

John Peacock, the son of Reverend Isham Peacock (Vol. VI) was probably born 
in South Carolina about 1785. He moved with his father to Warren County, 
Georgia as a child, then to Montgomery, Bryan and Tattriall Counties. 
John's wife was Elizabeth, maiden name unknown. They are thought to have 
married about 1810, but it is not known where.
John Peacock was living in McIntosh County in 1820 at which time they had 
one son and two daughters under the age of 10. On October 19, 1828 he sold 
400 acres of land in Liberty County and 100 acres of land in McIntosh, all 
for $125, to James Brewer. It was probably at this time that they moved to 
Wayne County. On November 6,1830, John Peacock of Wayne County bought Lot 
#41, District 8, containing 490 acres in Ware County for $150 from James 
Young of Bulloch County. He was in the 1830 census of Ware County. John 
sold this land to James Taylor of Telfair County for $175 on January 30, 
1832. They lived in the part of Ware County that became Pierce County.
John and Elizabeth were members of Jones Creek Baptist Church in Liberty 
County. John transfeffed his membership to Union Baptist Church prior to 
1832. Elizabeth was received by letter on February 9, 1833 and their 
daughter Sarah by baptism on August 10, 1833.
The known children of John and Elizabeth Peacock were:

1. Sarah	b. ca 1812, m.	Allison Cason, 9/10/1835, son
	d. ca 1875.	of Frederick (Vol.Vl).
2. Isham Samuel	b. 4/22/1816, m.	Keziah Walker.
(Vol.Vl)	d. 5/15/1865.
3. John D.	b. 4/24/1818, m.	1) Sarah Cason, dau. of Willis
	d. 3/27/1900.	and Abegail Cason (Vol.V). 2) Mrs. Civil Gatlin, 
4. Henry E.	b. ca 1822, m.	1) Nancy Hunter, 2/3/1842.
	d. 1894.		2) Sophia Jane Lee, Manatee Co., Fla., they separated.
5. Rebecca	b. 1824, m.	CullenWillis Cason, 11/6/1843, son of Willis and 
Abegail Cason (Vol.V).
6. James T.	b. ca 1824, m.	Mary L. Chancey, 10/3/1850.

The last child, James T. was a Confederate casualty. He was killed in the 
Battle of Antietam on September 14,1862 while serving in the 50th Georgia 
Regiment. Sarah and Cullen Willis Cason were sister and brother and Allison 
Cason was their first cousin.
John Peacock died about 1839. The widow (who may have remarried) moved to 
Hamilton County, Florida about 1840 where other family members were living. 
It is not known when or where she died.
Compiled from information contributed by: John Pierce from his booklet 
Methusaleh's Grandchildren.


John D. Peacock was born on April 24, 1818 in McIntosh County, Georgia a 
son of John and Elizabeth Peacock (q.v.) and grandson of Reverend Isham 
Peacock (Vol. VI). He came with his parents to Ware (now Pierce) County 
about 1830.
He served in the Florida Indian Wars in Captain James A. Sweat's Company 
From Ware County from July I to December 20, 183 8. He was five feet, seven 
inches with dark hair and blue eyes and had a dark complexion. During his 
service, he was thrown from his horse at Kettle Creek, Ware County on 
December 5, 1838 and suffered lasting kidney and liver damage.
John married Sarah Cason, born in 1826 in Bryan County, daughter of Willis 
and Abegail Cason (Vol.V) and granddaughter of Hillery and Sarah Cason 
(Vol. VIII), about 1940, probably in Hamilton County, Florida where the 
Cason's had moved in 1836 from Ware County. They lived in Ware County, 
Georgia and Columbia County, Florida and later in Hamilton County, Florida 
near Prospect Primitive Baptist Church and near her parents. They were 
members of Prospect Church,
Johnjoined the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church while a resident of Columbia 
County, Florida, just over the line in Ware County, now Echols County, 
Georgia in 1845 and was ordained to preach in November of 1846. He served 
as pastor there from 1847 to 1851 and again from 1856 to 1857. He and Sarah 
were living in Hamilton County, Florida in 1860 and were dismissed by 
letter in 1860 and moved to Levy County.
John and Sarah Peacock were the parents of.

1. Abegail	b.	1841, m. 1) D. H. Shaw. 2) Archibald Crews.
2. Elizabeth	b.	1843, m. Samuel Hodge.
3. Amaranth Matilda 	b.	1845, m. John Grantham, 12/3/1872.
4. Elias C.	b. 11/11/1848, m. Amy S. ?
	d. 11/23/1922.
5. James Madison	b.	1850.
6. Cullen	b.	1853.
7. Holland	b. 	1856.

Sarah (Cason) Peacock died in 1879 in Levy County. Subsequently, John 
married Mrs. Civil Gatlin. She was born in 1834. There were no children by 
this marriage. They lived at various times in Polk, DeSota and Bradford 
John D. Peacock attempted to draw a pension for his injuries suffered 
during the Indian War, but his pension claim made in 1887 was rejected 
because he couldn't prove that his injuries were service related. However 
his widow later drew a pension against his service.
Reverend Peacock died, presumably in Bradford County, Florida, on March 27, 
1900 in his 82nd year. Mrs. Civil Peacock, the second wife, died on 
September, 12, 1912, in Bradford County.
Compiled from information contributed by: John Pierce in his booklet 
Methusaleh's Grandchildren.

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