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PEACOCK, Robert	1793-1861  BROOKS

ROBERT PEACOCK, ancestor of a large family connection in Brooks and 
adjoining counties, was born in 1793 near Goldsboro, Wayne County, North 
Carolina, son of Simon Peacock and his wife, Zilpha Pittman Peacock, of 
Wayne County, North Carolina.  Simon Peacock died there in October 1831 
testate.  Soon after marriage or about 1827, Robert Peacock and his first 
wife moved to Macon County, Georgia, and after some years spent there they 
moved to Lowndes County about 1843-1845.  They settled on the old Coffee 
Road where Mr. Peacock soon had a large plantation flourishing and in 1846 
he was instrumental in having a post office established which was named 
"Okapilco", taking its name from the nearby creek of that name.  Mr. 
Peacock was named the first postmaster April 15, 1846, serving until 1856. 
 The community around became known as "Okapilco" and a country village soon 
sprang up at and around the post office.  This section became Brooks County 
in 1858.
Mr. Peacock was first married in North Carolina to Miss Wealthly Howell, 
daughter of Daniel Howell.  After her death in Georgia about 1834, he went 
back to North Carolina and married her sister, America, born 1813.  There 
were eighteen children by the two sisters:

1. Benjamin	b. 18__, m. (unknown).
2. Howell	b. 18__, m. (unknown).
3. Jincy	b. 18__, m. Benjamin Herrin.
4. Robert M. D.	b. 1822, m. Penelope Graham, daughter of Alex.
5. DeLamar C.	b. 1824, m. Mary McKinnon, daughter of Malcolm.
6. Edna J.	b. 18__, m. Samuel B. Fairchild.
7. James Byron	b. 1828, m. Angeline _____.
8. Simon Morris	b. 1830, m. Mary J. Rosser.
9. Sarah	b. 1835, m. David J. Holloway, son of William Jr.
10. Patience	b. 1836, m. William H. Hendry.
11. Mm Z.	b. 1837, m. William L. Hudson.
12. Polly Virginia	b. 1839, m. Green W. Jackson.
13. John Tyler	b. 1840, m. _____ West, sister to W. S.
14. Letitia T.	b. 1843, m.
15. Laura	b. 1847: m. William E. Morrow October 16, 1866.
16. Margaret M.	b. 1849 m. Jesse Hunter October 25, 1865.
17. Jasper	b. 1850, probably died young.
18. Eulalie	b. 1854, m. G. W. Jackson October 31, 1871.

Robert Peacock at his death left a will dated December 19, 1859, which was 
probated January Term, 1862 Brooks Court of Ordinary.  Mrs. Peacock, the 
widow, married James E. Morrow, January 18, 1863.


Isham Peacock, greatly beloved pioneer Baptist minister in his day, in 
Wiregrass Georgia, was born in Dobbs County, N.C., Oct. 8, 1742, as shown 
by his Revolutionary War pension papers. He was married twice. His first 
wife was Martha Easterling of Johnston Co. N.C., born c 1746. By her his 
children were born. His second marriage was in Ware County, Ga., March 22, 
1835, to Mrs. Lydia Bennett, born 1764. The names of only two children are 
known, though it is believed that Rev. Lewis Peacock, the first pastor 
(about 1832) of Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church in original Ware now Pierce 
County, was a son. The two known children were:

1. Sarah	b. 1776, m. Kedar Keaton. Lived in Liberty Co. Ga.
2. John  **See corrections***	b., 1781, m. Unity Pearce. Lived in Ware 
(Pierce) Co.

It is not known just when Isham Peacock came to Georgia. He does not appear 
in the 1790 Census of either North Carolina or South Carolina, so may have 
been in this state at that time. His first place of residence in Georgia 
was apparently Warren County where he was living 1794 in Capt. Hatcher's 
district, owning 200 acres of land on Joe's Creek (as shown by the 1794 
tax-digest of Warren). He seems to have lived a short time in Effingham 
County, though just when cannot be determined now. By 1798 he had moved to 
Montgomery County, he appearing on the tax-digest there that year as a 
resident taxpayer; at that time he owned no land there but still owned 300 
acres in Warren County. He was -cut out of Montgomery County into Tattnall 
County in its formation in 1800. He lived in Tattnall until about 1833-35 
when, his wife having died, he went to Ware (now Pierce) County to make his 
home with his son John. His second marriage took place soon after. He and 
his second wife were living alone in Ware in 1840 Census. In 1845 they 
moved to near Mayport NE (now a part of the city of Jacksonville) in DuVal 
Co. Fla. While on a visit to his grandchildren in present Pierce county, he 
died there in February 1851, age 108 years. He is believed to have been 
buried in the cemetery at Shiloh Church. His aged widow was still living in 
1855 at Mayport Mills, age 94 years.
Just where or when Elder Peacock was converted and united with the Baptist 
Church and when and where he was ordained to the ministry, is not known. 
The first known local church membership was Beard's Creek Baptist Church, 
Tattnall County (organized 1804). He was the second pastor of the church, 
serving 1819 to April, 1835, when he moved to Ware. The Minutes of Piedmont 
Baptist Association show he was pastor of Salem Church in Liberty Co., in 
1815. When the Association was first organized in 1815 he was one of four 
or five Baptists who attended and took part in the organization. He was 
Moderator of the Association, 1819-1824, inclusive. He was the first pastor 
of Providence Church in Ware County, 1844 to 1845 when he moved to Florida. 
By the 1820s he had come to be known as "Father Peacock" among the people 
where he preached. In the division over missions in the Baptist ranks in 
the 1830s he seems to have adhered to the anti-mission group who in time 
called themselves Primitive Baptists.
Elder Peacock's pension application was made in Tattnall County, Aug. 12, 
1833, and was approved Oct. 5, 1833, and he drew a pension until his death. 
In his declaration to obtain the pension he stated he was living in Anson 
Co. N.C., when he was drafted in the Revolutionary War. He said he served 
under Col. Love and Gen. Sumter two or three years, and served several 
tours under Colonels Robinson, Murphy and others, but was in no battles. In 
the pension file is a statement from him that he was formerly of Effingham 

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