Re: Peacock - Jan Bohler
Subject: Re: Peacock
From: Jan Bohler
Date: December 28, 1999

Yes!! This is my line!!  I just sat down at the computer to check my mail
before i have to run to pay bills. I will get back to you as soon as I get
back. Thank you! Thank you!!

gslat wrote:

 One request for Peacock.
> I cannot find a firm SC connection, only a probable, so will not post it
> here.
> I have sent it to you privately.
> Ifn that is your Peacocks, I have church records of that family.  The Rev.
> Isham S. Peacock, 1742-1851, was a co-hort of my 4th grgranpa, the Rev.
> Moses Westberry, (from SC, of course)
> There is a new book called 'The Primitive Baptists of Wiregrass" that has
> lots info on the Rev.
> I think there was a book called 'Methusalehs Grandchildren' that covered
> the Rev. Peacocks desc. 108 years old.  He'd qualify.
> i don't know where to get the book.
> cw
> >
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