Re: Patronymics (4) - Elida
Subject: Re: Patronymics (4)
From: Elida
Date: May 17, 1999

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RE:     Re: Re:Patronymics

I was tempted to go into the topic further, but my post was already
quite long. 

There were also surnames derived from physical characteristics.  For
example, the English surname "Blount," is supposedly derived from blond
Danish ancestors who had settled first in France, then come to England
as conquering Normans.  That is, "William le blond" became "William le
Blount," which became fixed as a surname (surprisingly early). 
Eventually the "le" was dropped.

And I suppose it's to easy to suggest that Rich and Strong were derived
From the attributes of some ancestor.

It's really fascinating to study the origin of names. 


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