Re: Patriot Minorities at the Battle of Cowpens - Morrowroberson
Subject: Re: Patriot Minorities at the Battle of Cowpens
From: Morrowroberson
Date: February 18, 2000

Found the following:

James Clark
Enlisted in Augusta County, Virginia, as a substitute on 1 or 2 October 1780 
under Capt. James Tate.  He marched to Hillsborough, North Carolina, and then 
joined Morgan at Six Mile Creek.  Clark was in the battle of Cowpens as a 
rifleman.  On 1 May 1781, he volunteered under Capt. Patrick Buchannan and 
Col William Boyer and marched to Williamsburg, where he was in the battle of 
Hotwater. Thereafter, he became a lifeguard for Gen. Campbell who was sick 
and had to leave the camp.  In May 1782, he volunteeredunder Capt. John 
McCittrick and went to the frontier along the Ohio River against the Shawnee 
Indians.  he was granted pension on his application executed 8 August 1832 
while residing in Blount County, Tennessee, and aged 69 or 70 years.

John Clark (Clarke)
d. 31 October 1845, Henderson County, North Carolina
m.  Catherine Ranson, 9//15 March 1797/98, Wilkes County Georgia
The widow of John Clark alleged that he was in the Battle at Kings Mountain, 
Cowpens and others.  He served one tour against the Indians.  At sometime, he 
was a sergant.  While residing with her son-in-law, Coonrod Low, in Gilmer 
County, Georgia, and aged 80 years, she executed a pension application 3 June 
1853.  Eight children of the couple were then living:  Lucy, John, Sarah, 
George, William, Martha Ann, Rebecca, and Thomas.  Clark was granted 400 
acres of land by Virginia.

Hopes this helps,


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