Patriot - the movie - Joe Jones
Subject: Patriot - the movie
From: Joe Jones
Date: July 02, 2000

I'm not in the movie business and I'm not going to do a review of the movie
(maybe later on my web page), but, for any of you whose ancestors fought
with Francis Marion, I recommend telling your children and grandchildren
that it is a fictional story based generally on facts - and use it as an
excuse to discuss some factual history with them - such as where the
important battles really happened, who the real people were, etc.  Parents
should probably see it first before taking young children.  I can't say more
than that without saying too much.  I do think anyone interested in history
should see it, (but not if you're squeamish), if for no other reason than to
be able to discuss the fact vs fiction question with people who do see it.
It can certainly serve as motivation for further study of the Revolutionary
War, and particularly South Carolina's part.  Be sure you understand
"Loyalist", "Tory", "Continental", etc. before you go.  I'm writing my
children and grandchildren (all eighteen of them) to tell them exactly how
their ancestor, Jeremiah Jones, and his four brothers, would have fit into
the story-line.

Joe Jones

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