Re: Fwd: PATRICK WALSH, c. 1817 - Edgar Taylor
Subject: Re: Fwd: PATRICK WALSH, c. 1817
From: Edgar Taylor
Date: March 31, 2000

Hello Donna - Do you know from where in Ireland the Walshes came? I seem to
recall that there was a connection with  Cashins from Tipperary who came
first to Charleston but at a later date - I think [ca 1840-50] - and went on
to Augusta GA.

Will keep your message on file and my  for Walshes in Augusta
and Cashin connections.. Good hunting. Ed T of PGH
>From: "Donna Warlick" 
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Fwd: PATRICK WALSH, c. 1817
>Date: Thu, Mar 30, 2000, 9:31 PM

>Hello all,
>I'm searching for information on  Patrick WALSH family which came from 
>Ireland in 1817.  Their ship was quarantined 3 miles out of Charleston for 
>3 months, due to small pox.  At that time the family included 13 children, 
>one who was born on the Atlantic Jan 1, 1818.  Another daughter was born in 
>the Charleston area in 1820, for a total of 14 children.  Many of the sons 
>were adults and scattered about the country soon after landing.  Known 
>children of the family were : (1) Walter Walsh, b. 1-1-1818 on Atlantic, d. 
>11-18-1869 in Gadsden Co, Fl.  Walter married Sarah Vickers.  Both are 
>buried  Vickers Cemetery, Gadsden Co, Fl.  (2) Anastasia Walsh, b. 1820 SC, 
>d. 1903 Gadsden Co, Fl, also buried in Vickers Cem.  (3) Hannah Walsh and 
>(4) Elizabeth Walsh.   We know of 2 nieces, Mamie Cromwell, wife of Stephen 
>Cromwell, of Washington DC, and Maggie Wall, of Baltimore, Md.  
>Family oral history says Patrick taught at Beaufort, SC.
>I will appreciate learning anything about these people.  Thank you all.
>Donna Warlick
>[email protected]

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