Fwd: PATRICK WALSH, c. 1817 - Donna Warlick
Subject: Fwd: PATRICK WALSH, c. 1817
From: Donna Warlick
Date: March 30, 2000

Hello all,
I'm searching for information on  Patrick WALSH family which came from Ireland in 1817.  Their ship was quarantined 3 miles out of Charleston for 3 months, due to small pox.  At that time the family included 13 children, one who was born on the Atlantic Jan 1, 1818.  Another daughter was born in the Charleston area in 1820, for a total of 14 children.  Many of the sons were adults and scattered about the country soon after landing.  Known children of the family were : (1) Walter Walsh, b. 1-1-1818 on Atlantic, d. 11-18-1869 in Gadsden Co, Fl.  Walter married Sarah Vickers.  Both are buried  Vickers Cemetery, Gadsden Co, Fl.  (2) Anastasia Walsh, b. 1820 SC, d. 1903 Gadsden Co, Fl, also buried in Vickers Cem.  (3) Hannah Walsh and (4) Elizabeth Walsh.   We know of 2 nieces, Mamie Cromwell, wife of Stephen Cromwell, of Washington DC, and Maggie Wall, of Baltimore, Md.  
Family oral history says Patrick taught at Beaufort, SC.
I will appreciate learning anything about these people.  Thank you all.
Donna Warlick
[email protected]

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