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Subject: Re: Patrick family
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Date: May 31, 2000

The only Patrick I can find is  Miss Elizabeth Patick that married Mr.
George Dener May 15, 1800.  Doubt if that will help you.  Sorry.  KInta

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Subject: Re: Patrick family

 I am interested in a Patrick family living in South Caolina during the
> frame you mention. I wonder if there could be a connection.  My great
> grandfather, Job Weston Harris, born in Abbeville Dist. SC in 1817,
> as his first wife Mary Elizabeth Patrick, b. 8-7-1822 in South Carolina,
> county unknown.  She was the daughter of Elias Patrick, b. 9-16-1794, d.
> 1-8-1843.  My Harris family Bible states that Elias Patrick also had the
> following children (sorry there are only initials in the Bible):
>        J.C.    b. 6-11-1824
>        J.R.    b. 1-8-1829
>        G.A.    b. 7-6-1831
>        F.L.    b. 9-12-1835
>        R.T.    b. 6-1-1838
> Also Elias'wife was Susannah. I do not know anything else about the
> family but would appreciate any clues as to where they may have lived in
> South Carolina.  Thanks for any information you might share.

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