Passengers Arriving at the Port of Charleston - Donna Warlick
Subject: Passengers Arriving at the Port of Charleston
From: Donna Warlick
Date: June 19, 2000

Some time ago there was a reference to  a book(?) titled "Passengers Arriving at the Port of Charleston, 1820-1829 (Continued from Volume XVIII)".  Is there a volume of this document for 1818?  I am looking for a Patrick Walsh family who arrived in Charleston soon after January 1,  1818.  Their ship came from Ireland.  Most on-line records (that I have seen)  of immigrants into Charleston  don't list arrivals for 1818.  Any advice or information will be appreciated.    My ancestor, Walter Walsh,  was born on the Atlantic 1-1-1818, settled and is buried in Gadsden County, Florida.
Donna Warlick

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